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GOVONI was founded in 1977 in his first production plant in Modena.

When you trace it all the way back, it comes down to one individual: Fausto Govoni
One passionate man who built a unique Special Tool company that he was so proud of, he put his name on it.
Nowadays GOVONI, after 37 years, is a leading manufacturer and designer of specialist automotive tools.

1977 GOVONI was founded in Modena

1985 a new production plant is built, still in Modena only few kilometers away, wider and more modern, where all production processes, warehouses and sales offices were moved

2005 thanks to continuous production growing and developing of sales distribution channels to overseas, GOVONI moved all production processes in a new Production Plant more than 2000 square meter in Crevalcore, Bologna area. Machinery CNC parc was doubled

2006 new sales offices together with R&D offices are build up in Crevalcore plant

2013 - 2014 is opened an additional Distribution Center for huge stocking and fast delivering of final products